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Employees – What You Should be Aware of

As an employee, it is important to understand your employment rights and obligations. This begins with examining your employment agreement, including any restrictive clauses, and seeking legal counsel if required. If your employer makes substantial changes to your job without your consent, it is important to understand the intricate process of a constructive dismissal claim and consult a lawyer before taking any action. Moreover, if you are terminated without just cause, you may be entitled to notice or pay in lieu of notice. Fortunately, employers have a responsibility to provide a secure and harassment-free workplace. If you have experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace, it is essential to report it to your employer and seek legal advice without delay. At Robert & Obradovic Law, our proficient employment lawyers are readily available to assist you in navigating the intricate terrain of employment law in Mississauga.

Mississauga – Vibrant Culture and Attractions

Mississauga, the sixth-largest city in Canada and the third-largest city in Ontario, is a diverse and culturally rich city that boasts a variety of attractions for locals and tourists alike. Known for its vibrant art scene, historic villages, recreational parks, and shopping centers, Mississauga offers something for everyone. The city is easily accessible to both domestic and international visitors due to its proximity to the Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is the largest and busiest airport in Canada. Visitors can take in the sights of modern Mississauga by visiting the Mississauga Civic Centre, which is home to the Art Gallery of Mississauga, featuring modern and contemporary art from international and local artists. The Living Arts Centre is another multi-use complex that houses performing arts theaters and art studios. Mississauga’s long history and commitment to nature and community make it a perfect destination for laid-back adventurers seeking to explore the region.

Seek Legal Counsel from an Employment Lawyer in Mississauga

Seek Legal Counsel from an Employment Lawyer in Mississauga

At Roberts & Obradovic Law, our team of experienced lawyers specializes in providing legal advice to both employers and employees on employment-related matters. It is important to seek the guidance of a legal professional to ensure that your interests and rights are safeguarded. Our knowledgeable Employment Lawyers are ready to offer the requisite support and representation you need. If you are facing employment-related issues, get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation with one of our knowledgeable Mississauga Employment Lawyers. You can contact us by calling (647) 724-5179 or filling out our contact form.