Attract and Retain Top Talent with Equity Compensation 

Welcome to the strategic world of equity compensation, where your approach to compensating employees transcends mere payments and becomes a pivotal factor in your company’s success and growth. At Roberts & Obradovic Law, we believe that equity compensation is more than just a salary or a bonus; it’s a key tool for attracting and retaining the talented individuals who will help you scale and grow your company. 

A Strategic Decision That Shapes Success 

“How you compensate your people is one of the most important strategic decisions you will make. It can give you a significant advantage over the competition, support or hinder the culture of the business, and drive (or not) the behaviors you need to scale your organization. And since it is likely one of the largest expenses, if not the largest, fueling your business, it requires thoughtful consideration.” – V. Harnish, Scaling Up Compensation 

Compensation extends beyond cash to embody the “total rewards” package, a holistic view that encompasses everything an employee values in their employment relationship. This concept integrates relational rewards (like recognition and meaningful work) and benefits (such as work-life balance and formal training), alongside monetary rewards. 

Crafting an Effective Compensation System 

At the heart of a compelling and strategic compensation lies a balanced system, carefully designed to incentivize behaviors that align with stakeholder expectations and distinguish you in the marketplace. This system should be tailor-made to fit your unique context, and that’s where Roberts & Obradovic Law excels. We specialize in developing compensation plans that harmonize base pay, short-term incentives, and long-term shared value into a cohesive strategy that communicates your value-sharing commitment to your leadership team and key employees. 

Long-Term Value Sharing: Beyond Stock Options 

While stock options remain a popular long-term shared value solution, a variety of alternative plans like restricted stock plans, deferred share units, and employee share purchase plans offer tailored solutions for different business needs. Phantom stocks, in particular, provide a unique solution for private companies or founders reluctant to dilute equity, offering the economic benefits of stock ownership without actual voting rights or an ownership stake. 

The Benefits of Professional Guidance 

The complexity of devising effective stock option and long-term value sharing plans necessitates legal expertise. At Roberts & Obradovic Law, we leverage our seasoned legal knowledge to create customized plans that align with your company’s objectives, ensuring a perfect balance between immediate financial goals and long-term growth ambitions. Our team is dedicated to developing communication strategies that help employees understand the true value of their compensation package. 

Whether you’re a start-up navigating your growth phase, a mid-sized company aiming to retain and motivate your workforce, or a large enterprise refining your compensation structures, Roberts & Obradovic Law is committed to delivering practical, tailored solutions. We understand the diverse needs of businesses across scales and are here to provide pragmatic, adaptable guidance to help you attract and keep the top talent necessary for your company’s growth. 

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